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I got my life back after suffering nearly 32 years

I began having severe menstrual cycles around age 15. I suffered for 2 decades before knowing what was wrong with me. During a surgical procedure, at age 32, I was diagnosed with Stage IV endometriosis.

I suffered with horrible gastrointestinal and back pain for another 14 years. After relentlessly searching the internet for some miracle supplement, I came across your website. I took a chance and started taking Endovan in September of 2012 and can honestly say that not only am I virtually symptom free, aside from a few cramps (no meds needed), my cycle has been shortened from 8-10 days to 3-4 days. My cycle also changed from every 16-20th day/mo to every 30 days.

I got my life back after suffering nearly 32 years. I know that Endovan is an answer to prayer.

Thank you very much for an outstanding product.

– Mary D.