I am very grateful to have found your product

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in the Spring of 2005. Before trying Endovan, I suffered from bloating,lower abdominal pain, spotting before and after my periods, blood clots, heavy bleeding during my periods, and unusually long periods. My gynecologist told me the condition would progressively get worse, and placed me on birth control pills to shorten my periods, and reduce the heavy bleeding. She also suggested that I use ibuprofen for the pain. However, this did not bring me any relief. I was still unable to perform my day-to-day duties without being in constant pain. So, I begain researching the condition on the internet, and stumbled across your website! I was skeptical, but after reading the testimonials, I decided to give it a try. I began using Endovan in June of 2006. After four menstrual cycles,I no longer have the constant pain, blood clots,and long periods. I went in for my annual with my gynecologist and was happy to inform her that I was feeling much better since I had been using Endovan (she had not heard of it)! I am very grateful to have found your product. It has truly allowed me to resume a normal way of life. Thanks!!

– Bonita C.