Football-sized fibroid

At the beginning of this year in May, I started having really painful stomach cramps. At first I thought it was just bad gas, but the pain did not go away. I tried taking some pain killers to no avail. I let the pain go on for a few days hoping it would go away on its own, but it didn’t. I went to my Doctor who gave me a physical examination and immediately ordered a CT scan. She gave me some stronger painkillers which seemed to help for a while. When the results came back, she told me I had a huge mass in my lower abdomen and referred me to a Gynecologist who ordered an MRI so she could take a proper look at what was going on inside of me. At the time I had been suffering for more than 8 weeks before I was scheduled for the MRI. When the results finally came, they told me I had a huge fibroid the size of a football. It was 20cm in diameter and the only way to get rid of it was for me to have surgery. That’s when I prayed for a miracle and asked God to guide me to the right medication and I found Endovan. My whole life had been disrupted by this tumor. I couldn’t lie on my stomach because of the pain and pressure, I got up almost 5 times each night to urinate, my sex life had been disrupted, I couldn’t exercise and the pain was unbearable. I relied daily on strong painkillers.

I started taking Endovan in June and by the end of June, the pain was gone, I no longer needed the painkillers. By the time it got to July, I had slowly started getting back into my exercise routine and I could lie on my stomach. Today, I am pain free, I only get up once or twice to urinate at night and I am back into my extensive workout routine and I feel good about myself becaue I am getting back into shape and I am more healthy. I also changed my eating habits and eat more fruits and vegetables. Most of all, it is the faith that I have that God is using people to come up with this supplement that can help women who are suffering in silence and have no hope. I thank God for Endovan.

Samantha K.