I feel like I am Living!

Let me explain what my periods were like before I started Endovan (I have been using Endovan for a little over a month now) Before Endovan- my endometriosis had progressed to the stage where I literally could not walk with out being crippled- I could not walk upright- I had excrutiang chest pain ( heartburn) painful bowel movements, diarhea with periods, cramps so bad I would be doubled over in pain- and I could not drive myself to work let alone anywhere else. I was always feverish during my cycle. I tried Endovan and was very very skeptical. I even called customer service and spoke with them and they told me that when I am doing cartwheels and am feeling better they would like to hear my testimony. Well, guess what- I just had my first painfree period- I haven’t had one of these in over 10 years! I was in tears!! I have only been on Endovan for a month and I feel like I am LIVING!! I didn’t have to take a single painkiller- which is amazing. Anyways I wanted to share my testimony and hope that it helps someone out there. God Bless.

– Meeta P.