The customer service has been excellent

I will be 49 in about two days. Last year I started getting heavy, longer lasting periods. I thought it was the change, not knowing what to experience during this phase of my life. My doctor said NO, sounds like fibroids. She was right, she did not recommend anything surgical, basically said live with it until you know you can’t. So I did and things got worse, sometimes frightening, not knowing when my period would start, end or how much I would bleed. I made an appointment to have a “hydro” procedure done, basically hot water in your uterus to cut off the source of the bleeding but probably not getting to the fibroids. My doctor said a hysterectomy would be a last case resort.

I saw the Endovan website this past month and promptly ordered, I was desperate. The customer service has been excellent. That was about three weeks ago. I have not bled for three weeks which is the biggest break I have had in over six months. My stomach was starting to bloat and it felt better in about a week.