My cycles were so heavy I had to wear pampers

I started using Endovan while my cycle was still on. My cycles were so heavy I had to wear pampers, the pads wasn’t strong enough for the flow I would have monthly. I was so tired of these heavy periods I was having. I would be tired, I had no enegy to do anything. I couldn’t go out and shop or do the house work, but one day I decided to go on the internet and look for something that would help with the fibroids and I also had a cyst on my right ovary, I know it was God who spoke to me to do this. I did not want the surgery and my prayers were answered. I started taking the Endovan and there was no pain and guess what, I did not know that my cycle was on, the cycle is so light I am back wearing my pads again. I really don’t need a pad, I feel like I am in heaven. Please if you haven’t yet bought Endovan, get it. I have already ordered my second bottle. I am so pleased with this product.