Saving wombs and improving lives!

In 2005, I underwent surgery to remove a fibriod the size of an orange from the outside of my uterus. In 2006, doctors noticed two small ones inside my uterus. Determined not to undergo another surgery, I was led to search the internet and found Endovan. A God send, I absolutely love and believe in this product! My cycles are normal, less painful and consistent monthly and no more Fibriods! I keep the brochures in my office and share info regarding the product every chance I get. Two of my co-workers now used the product and it has also helped them. One woman, with whom I shared Endovan had been bleeding for 4 months straight, doctors wanted to remove her uterus and do a blood transfusion. Within a week of taking Endovan, her bleeding slowed and by the second week it completely stopped! We were delighted the product work so well and so quickly.
I want to sincerely thank the makers of Endovan and also for making it available through the internet. It is saving wombs and improving lives!