Lucky, lucky me: Happy to be alive!!

Endovan literally saved my life!! Due to a misdiagnosis, I unfortunately got to the point where I was hemorrhaging, anemic, fainting, and bleeding for 30 days every cycle. The doctors told me I would need a hysterectomy. I said, “No way,” and found Endovan. The folks at Endovan were so great about answering my questions and helping me! It took a while to heal, since my case was so bad, but taking the Endovan did offer some help right away. Can you believe that with a case as bad as mine, 24 months later, my cycle is normal again! I’m 52 and will go through menopause soon. I’m so pleased I had the remarkable opportunity to see a normal cycle return before it naturally ceases! Lucky, lucky me: Happy to be alive!!

Judy K.