No blood during intercourse and no breakthrough bleeding

I am turning 40 this year and have had fibroids for about 4 years. My doctor is talking hysterectomy. In the last year I have not had pain, but did have heavy bleeding, increased size of fibroids, breakthrough bleeding the week before my cycle would start, and blood during intercourse all the time. I started taking Endovan and within the first week no blood during intercourse, then no breakthrough bleeding (14 days in right before cycle) and lying on my back I could tell that the fibroids were not protruding as much. They seemed to swell up right as my cycle started and I had a strong urge to go to restroom. A lot of blood came out and they went down (all in a few hours). No heavy bleeding during my cycle!!!! 3 weeks in!! I have an ultrasound scheduled on April 28 and doctor appt. can’t wait to see what the results are. Will keep you posted! This is amazing! Did not have to change sheets! So happy I found this!!

Dawn W.