It is a miracle

My name is Maria and I have a couple of Fibroid the large one is 12 cm. I have been taking Endovan for two years now, I had a non-stop bleeding with a lot of debris (clots) for 6 months total, practically run out blood. By the third month the doctor said I needed a couple of blood transfusions I was very anemic and nearly died, after the transfusions , she was planning to do hysterectomy, I looked for help everywhere nobody was helping me, my doctor gave me pills to stop the bleeding with the condition that if I had any heart attack symptoms I had to run to the emergency room, so much for help, then she prescribe Lupron, my life was upside down after that and the bleeding didn’t stop; I had chills, hot flushes totally felt miserable I had symptoms that never had before, I stopped it I was dead anyway, I went on line and type “How to balance your hormones naturally” one of the choices was Endovan, I did try other natural medicines with no success, I started to take Endovan and the bleeding started to reduce day by day until stopped completely. So far so good, I sleep very well, no hot flashes, no chills, no bleeding.

No problems at all, it is a great relief, I look like another person now, I am working and have a lot of energy.

Thanks so much Endovan. I bless whoever invented Endovan, it does work.


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