I am so glad I tried this product

I am 40 years old and have been suffering with fibroids for a long time. I have had a large one removed in 2000, they came back, I had a UFE done. and now they are back again. My GYN wants to do a hysterectomy on me, but I am not ready for that. I was looking online for some treatment for fibroids one night and I came across this site, read a few reviews and told myself it wouldn’t hurt to try (but of course I asked my heart Doctor would it be ok for me to take – he told me it would be fine since I wasn’t on blood thinners any longer).

I feel like God led me to this site so I ordered the product and so far I feel wonderful. I go see my GYN Doctor in January. I’ve been on Endovan for 3 weeks now and when I started my monthly this month I had a less painful period and my bleeding wasn’t heavy at all. I didn’t even have to change my pads as often as I use too. I have lost 3 lbs since I started on Endovan. I am sharing this product with a friend whom I work with who has been thinking about having surgery. I believe once she tries this she will change her mind.

Jane P.

3 thoughts on “I am so glad I tried this product

  1. Cynthia Newby

    I have been using fibrovan consistently since the beginning of October, and I know it’s working because i see the difference in my period.I also feel that my stomach is not tender with fibroids anymore although my stomach is still a little bloated. I felt good the other day when someone asked me if I had the baby. That’s when I realized something is working and I know that fibrovan is doing its job. Cynthia

  2. lucy Akinyi

    have had a long time problem with fibroid that is really growing big and the pain is so much that i cannot bear any more,can you please tell me how i can get this medicine (Fibrovan).

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