So far things are looking very promising

I am trying Endovan on a whim as I am fed up with my endometriosis ruling my life. I am still in only the 2nd week of trying this product but I have noticed small differences already. My stomach issues I usually experience on a daily basis have mostly subsided. My frequent headaches and migraines have subsided and my in between period pain has decreased as well. Before Endovan I was always making sure I knew where the closest bathroom was due to my stomach problems. That has pretty much disappeared in just the first few weeks of taking this. I plan to stay on Endovan for a minimum of 4 months before I pass full judgement but so far things are looking very promising. I am very hopeful this will help my condition.


1 thought on “So far things are looking very promising

  1. Kim

    I just placed an order today. So at the end of my rope. I’ve had surgery twice and the second they removed an ovary. Things were going really good the last year or so and then a couple of months ago the pain started up again. Been popping pain killers like they are candy. So I figured I’d give this a try, cause the next option is going back for another surgery and maybe a full hysterectomy and at age 40 that’s to soon. Praying this works – cause like some have said I want my life back.

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