Another New Endovan baby! Congratulations Lola!

Lola just sent us photos of her brand new baby girl Opeyemi!

Hi my name is Lola and 40 years old. I had fibroids in my family and had struggled with 3 large fibroids of my own for 12 years. I had several miscarriages and became very weak and anemic requiring blood transfusions from very heavy periods. My doctors all wanted to do a hysterectomy and told me I would never be able to keep a pregnancy full term. I could not accept that.

I searched and found Endovan and immediately felt stronger and had more energy. After 6 menstrual cycles on Endovan I became pregnant. My doctor and family told me not to get excited since I would surely miscarry again. They were all wrong…I carried my little Opeyemi a full 9 months and she is perfect in every way!

I hope all other women in my situation can see my little baby girl and have hope and not give up.

I still cannot believe it has happened. All my tears are dry.

Thank you more than I can say…Lola.

6 thoughts on “Another New Endovan baby! Congratulations Lola!

  1. suzanne

    hi lola,
    i am so happy for you and your family…that is beautiful and i can see that one of the reasons i wasn’t able to get pregnant was because of fibroids and low thyroid hormone so, i am now older and just starting fibrovan…
    blessings to you and yours,

  2. Agnes

    I am so happy to read the above story. congrats for the baby. i hv multiple fibroids and would like to dissolve them n become pregnant and a testimony to some people one day.

    i am in kenya n unfortunately i cant get fibrovan here.

    i wish i can get some and iam ready to pay.

  3. vee

    A really encouraging testimony…congratulations and may you and your baby be always blessed with peace health and prosperity. I am now a fibrovan user and already feel healthier after two weeks of use. Will soon thank God for my miracle as well

  4. vee

    Hi Lola, I’d like to know if if you made any dietary changes while on fibrovan.


  5. Elizabeth Dominic

    Hi Lola, congratulations to you and your baby. I am also suffering the same fibroid. Please tell me, where can i get this Fibrovan? i am highly interested in this medications. thank you

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