Another New Endovan baby! Congratulations Lola!


Hi my name is Lola and 40 years old. I had fibroids in my family and had struggled with 3 large fibroids of my own for 12 years. I had several miscarriages and became very weak and anemic requiring blood transfusions from very heavy periods. My doctors all wanted to do a hysterectomy and told me I would never be able to keep a pregnancy full term. I could not accept that.

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1 thought on “Another New Endovan baby! Congratulations Lola!

  1. Theresa kakkad

    This is so encouraging, I am very happy and celebrate your testimony Lola, I hope to share this same good news soon. I’m also on fibrovan for two months now with positive results so far as was said. Will continue to leave comments as I go on.

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