I’m so upset I didn’t know about Endovan sooner!

I have suffered from stage IV endometriosis for 16 years. My periods were heavy, clotty, very painful. Every month I was bedridden for at least a day or two with terrible pain, nausea, headaches, IBS, etc. I started taking Endovan on October 1, 2014. I can honestly say that after one month I saw a difference. I currently have my period and am NOT bedridden. I don’t have any cramps, my period is light, no headaches, no nausea, I am so happy. I’m a runner and normally during my period I’m in so much pain and have such a heavy flow that I can’t run but today I ran my five miles. I’m so happy I started using this product and am so upset I didn’t know of its existence sooner! It could of saved me from 3 endo surgeries, rounds of lupron shots with terrible side effects and years of painful periods!