One week review

It is a bit early to say if Endovan is all that it’ s said to be but I can say in the one week I have been taking it the sharp shooting pains in my pelvis have subsided and I am noticing more energy. I am hopeful.

– One week customer

4 thoughts on “One week review

  1. Genie Marchese

    Last Monday I was in so much pain. My doc did bloodwork to see if my endo has gotten worse. Prior I was in stage 3 endo and in a lot of pain. My blood work showed a level.of 77 and a normal level is 21, so it has gotten worse. I started the endovan two days after she took blood. In a week I can say this product has done everything it has claimed and I started feeling relief immediately and continue to feel better each day. My endo started out very badly so I am extremely curious to see my next blood results in two months and am hoping for continued improvement each day. I have a feeling I’m going to end up saying thank u endo for giving me my life back and preventing me from needing surgery.

    1. Billie overstreet

      My daughter has had sugery still in terrible pain doc will not give her anything for pain told her she was a drugy and only a hister. She is 25 will this help her

      1. Heather Helms

        Yes!!! It has helped me…my Dr wouldn’t give me surgery because she said I was too young. Give it a try….you have nothing to lose!!! It’s backed by a 100% guaranteed but you won’t need it because it will work 🙂

  2. Kelly

    I know this is a late reply, but I say YES! I was in so much pain prior to using Endovan and within a week I was starting to feel better!!

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