Years of pain, discomfort, and such GONE

After i had my last child five yeas ago I have been left with sever pelvic pain, i have had several surgeries for the problem, but it just got worse. The pain would get so intense that I went to the emergency room , There I felt like the drs thought I was crazy and just want meds. So I made a appointment with the gynocologist who said it was endometriosis and only relief would be birth control of hysterectomy, so I tried the birth control which cause a bunch of other problems as well as 25+ weight gain. so i decided to go on line and see if those where my only options, I found this website and decided to give it a try been on regularly for 2 months and I am back to feeling healthy again with zero pain regular periods and my husband likes having me back. Thank you for a trust worthy product that provides true relief and not just a cover up.

Trish R.