Less clots, shorter periods, less pain

I have suffered with painful cycles, excessive bleeding with lots of clots and lower back pain for about 2 years. The pain would get so bad I couldn’t even stand. The only comfort I found was to curl up in a ball with a heat pad on my stomach. I was diagnosed with Endo and knew that surgery wasn’t the answer for me, having close friends who after surgery fought scar tissue interfering with conception. I wanted to be a Mother, so I started looking and praying for a natural way, believing that the Lord has a cure for everything. I found this site and felt strongly about it, we gave it a try and the results were immediate: less clots, shorter periods, less pain, once in a while I still have a slightly painful one but not as severe as I use to have. Instead of being in bed for a day or more sometimes not at all and sometimes an hour of two. I feel so blessed and am thankful for this cure!

– Missy C.