Ovarian cysts gone

For the last year, I had severe back pain. After a pelvic ultrasound and vaginal ultrasound, they found a cycst the size of a quarter on my left ovary and a smaller one on my right. My doctor told me I have a hystectomy or try Lupron or other options. I was screened for cancer and was scheduled to have another ultrasound 6 weeks later. I did some research and found Endovan and decided to try it. Well it was a success as I have my ultrasound and appointment yesterday. My doctor stated the left cyst was totally gone and my right one was collapsed. I still have a little bloating right now but I have only been on it two weeks. Good possibility the bloating is due to comfort eating 😉 Needless to say, I will use this as long as there are no side effects. Thank you and please keep me updated on anything regarding Endovan.

– Jean R.