Thank you so much!!!

I just want to say that this product Endovan is a Godsend! It is a miracle product as far as I am concerned!!!! After a few months of suffering thru pain, clots, missed days at work, cramps………..I tried for the first time, this product. I noticed immediately that I did not have pain in my breasts (fibrocystic) nor did I experience the usual bloating, pain, constipation, and headaches that I usually do the week before my period. I started my period yesterday around 4:00 at work, and I of course, was angry, unhappy, and not looking forward to feeling weak, and sick. My boyfriend who works with me on the job, was also concerned and wanted to take me home. Well, I usually have a little flow and sometimes I would flow heavy in the beginning and have to go home but it is the second day of my period that I have to stay home because I would practically bleed for at least 15 minutes straight on and off, then I would have to drink fluids to stay hydrated or go to the hospital to be given an I. V and sometimes a blood transfusion (which I have experienced twice). I was ready to undergo surgery but I wanted to try this before I did. I could no longer tolerate living my life this way. It was pure hell for me!!!! As a Registered Nurse myself, I was wondering why the GYN’s do not inform women of this product and I know why. Doctors are focused on medicine and the answers for them are surgery, and not holistic method or a product which would assist us as patients. Of course this makes me angry. If a GYN had informed me of this sooner, I would not have suffered the way I have been these last few months!!!

Then I found this product, and I have only tried it for a WEEK and the results are short of a miracle!!!! I have informed my sister of this and all of my woman friends who have experienced this same hell that I am experiencing!! I will be ordering 3 months worth this time, and I intend to take it until I am thru with the menopause which will be in a few years. I was scheduled for a consultation and an MRI because I am still contemplating laser surgery after I receive my health card however, I will still be administering the Endovan!!!! I never thought that this medication would be the answer but it is. It is wonderful! I am in a state of shock and I am so happy to have found this product. I had my first normal period this month in a year!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!