Thank you so much for this natural product

My doctor discovered that I had 2 fibroids about 3 years ago. In June of 2007 by cycle came on around the 5th and stayed on the entire month and went into July. I experienced heavy blood clots, severe back pain and bloating. I thought I was going to need a blood transfusion I bleed so badly. I ordered Endovan on Saturday June 30 and the order was in my mail box on Monday July 3rd. I took Endovan twice daily and by July 9th the bleeding had completely stopped and I did not experience any more pain. Thank you so much for sending the Endovan as quickly as you did. It stopped the bleeding, the pain and agony I was experiencing. I have no doubt that this will shrink and dissolve my fibroids. Thank you so much for this natural product and putting it on the market.