Symptoms have greatly reduced since taking Endovan

I noticed a significant amount of relief after just 4 days of being on Endovan and I said to myself, this is heaven sent. I had such annoying symptoms like having the need to urinate very often especially at night, (sometimes I woke up twice before morning) thereby interrupting my sleep. I often woke up in the morning with a bloated lower abdomen and such intense pressure. I also experienced pain at the left side of my back called flank pain. All these symptoms have greatly reduced since taking Endovan for six weeks now. I found Endovan online while searching for a solution and relief from these fibroids and while on holidays in the United States. So now I’ve purchased 4 more bottles to take home (Ghana) with me. I am happy with the results so far and I promise I will send before and after, pictures of my abdomen when it finally shrinks. I will not hesitate to recommend Endovan to my friends who need it. Thank you so much Endovan! I’m glad I found you.