This really works! I got my life back

Thank you for having this wonderful product available! It’s amazing what happens when you reach a point of almost giving up and start looking for answers with expectation of God leading you on the path of healing. About 3 yrs ago I started having worse endo symptoms ever. I didn’t know at the time that that’s what I had, but when it started effecting my quality of life, I knew this is not normal. But what do you do?…I’m not against conventional medicine, but time and time again I’ve seen how people’s lives are drastically changed not for the better, with things that do happen. So I decided to ask the Great Physician that never makes mistakes to lead me to the answers and He did. It wasn’t overnight but step by step. After doing a bunch of research, I became convinced that I have endometriosis. And as God began to confirm these things I walked forward. As I came across testimonies online about Endovan, I asked God to show me if this is it. I felt peace in my heart about it and decided to try. It changed my life! My body began cleaning itself out, after a few months my monthly cycles became what they should be and eventually I was almost pain free when I had them. I can’t tell you how awesome that feels! 2 yrs after taking it I got pregnant. My husband and I have been married for 11 yrs and thought that maybe we couldn’t have children and now such a precious, healthy miracle joined our world. I wish everyone who’s struggling out there looking for answers or even have given up, would know that there is a solution. Our bodies are incredibly designed and God wants us to experience that ‘abundant life’ even here that He so dearly paid for. Life is filled with many blessings, enjoy as many of them as you can 🙂


Amazing supplement

I was introduced to the product by one of my very good friends from grade school. She is now a Holistic Coach and I was telling her about my monthly cycle and how painful it’s been and each year gets worse. I am 53 years of age and nothing was helping.

After using this product for only a month I have notice a drastic difference. My cycle is much lighter, no blood clots and my days went from 6-7 to only 3 days. Also I am not as lethargic as I use to be. I feel more energetic and looking forward to having the same results this month and beyond

Kelly H

Relief from bloating and pain

This product is a God-send. I give thanks for the one who listened and followed the path to put these ingredients together. After 2 laparotomies for 4th Stage Endometreosis, I was desperate for alternative routes of healing. I took months of Endovan first in the years 2006 and beyond. Had great reports of no return of Endo. Then in Feb. 2021 some fibroids started surfacing with pain and bloating. Prayer and Endovan – Giving Yeshua the GLORY+++ bloating receded and pains diminished.


My quality of life has improved

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. Prescriptions gave me severe side effects. I was done with taking prescribed meds. My Dr recommended a natural way to address it – Endovan and changing my diet to Mediterranean. My back pain is minimal and my periods are not as painful. Thank you Endovan!!!!! My quality of life has improved significantly.


Endovan stopped the pain

Several weeks ago, in January 2021, fibroids suddenly grew large on both ovaries (where I usually get them) and caused the worst pain I’ve ever had with them, barely able to bend without sharp pain, to the point where I had trouble putting shoes on.

Several points I’d like to make:

  • Endovan stopped the bad pain within a 2-3 days (THANK YOU), and now less than 3 weeks from starting, I’m forgetting to take the capsule since I don’t feel any fibroids at all.
  • I also continue to take a CoQ10 (100-200mg) every other day when taking Endovan, since all enzymes require CoQ10 anyway, so I think it boosts the process when treating.
  • I’m now nearly 67, and had my last period at around age 56. So, being post-menopausal does not mean you’re safe from major fibroids. These were the worst.
  • I hardly ever drink coffee, but had been drinking quite a bit for 2-3 weeks before the fibroids grew so large. I had read there were studies showing a possible connection. Mine is just one experience, and thought I’d share, but I honestly don’t know.

I continue to tell everyone about Endovan, and tell them to please share with others. Many times I will show the 8″ scar on my abdomen from my first and only fibroid operation, over 17 years ago. I found your product in a frantic search when the fibroids grew back, and I hope others have been “saved,” too.

Thank you so much. I hope the U.S. gets to the point where these natural cures are prescribed by doctors, or at least suggested as an option. Since it takes so little time to use Endovan, and causes no harm, why not try this option?


Crossing my fingers for a second miracle with Endovan

Almost 9 years ago I started taking Endovan because i had all the symptoms of endometriosis. Two and a half months later i got pregnant.  It’s now been almost 9 years since my last pregnancy and i want another baby before i hit 40 years old. My husband and i have been trying for a long time now and i still have painful periods and all of the above with endometriosis so i finally was able to restart Endovan about a week ago – fingers crossed!

I am in so much less pain and have less endo fatigue!

I’ve been taking Endovan for around five and a half months now, however I took a three week break at one point because I couldn’t receive my second order due to problems at border control in my country (I live in Turkey). I should mention, I also gave up white refined carbs like the Endo team recommended and I’ve noticed that this has made a big difference too. I also follow a whole-food vegan diet with no processed sugar, no processed food and no caffeine. Let me tell you about the changes in my body:

My period comes earlier and it is more watery. I used to have dark red blood at the beginning of my period but this doesn’t happen anymore. My auntie (who is a retired midwife) told me that the dark red blood at the start of a period is a sign of endometriosis although I haven’t read any scientific journals about this.

I am in so much less pain! I only have pain when I screw up with my diet. But even when I screw up, the pain is not as bad as before. At this moment in time, I haven’t had any endo pain in two weeks.

I have less endo fatigue. Back in November 2019, I remember being so tired that I could barely finish my job (working from home!) and I would just lie on the sofa in the evenings. The only time that I could do sports was in the morning. I had about one hour every morning when I didn’t feel tired. Now, I run very late in the evening. I also went swimming in the sea on the first day of my period last month!

When I started Endovan, I had endometriosis in my uterus and two ovarian cysts around 6 cm big. Now my uterus is completely normal and clear of endometriosis. However, my cysts are still there and they are around 5 cm big and the one on the left has split into two smaller ones.

My diet is so difficult but I would rather be hungry than be in pain. At this point, I’ve lost around 14 pounds in one year because of the endo pain and then the diet I follow now. I’m now 8 stone 3 and 164 cm tall.

It’s strange to think my cysts are still there because I can barely feel them these days. Two weeks ago, I ate a donut and two days later this caused some pain.

Also, if it is relevant, I should mention that I am not using any hormonal birth control. I took Yazz before going on Endovan. It helped for a few months but then I just ended up bleeding all the time, which is why I stopped using them.

I would recommend taking Endovan and giving up white refined carbs and processed food to any woman suffering with endometriosis.