Endovan has completely changed my life!!

Endovan has completely changed my life!! I honestly did not believe the reviews, as I’ve tried pretty much everything. From prescription pain medicine to acupuncture.

I have been taking Endovan for 6 months now, so i will tell you a little about my experience… There was at least a 40%-50% reduction in pain during my first cycle and the pain has continually reduced each month.

For about 4 months my cycle reduced from 28 days to about 23 days. I’m not sure why this is, but they have now returned to 28 days. I would also like to say my actual period was longer for the first 4 cycles. Now coming up to my 7th cycle while on Endovan, i have to say i feel great!! I’m no longer laid in bed for a full 3 days….. I’m not saying i don’t get any pains or cramps, but i no longer get the stabbing pain, no longer vomit and i can take pain killers and they actually work. I can now function and i have my life back.

Thank you to Endovan!!!


Endovan is an essential tool in combating my symptoms

I’m so glad I found this product with a simple google search (natural remedies for endometriosis) – even though my doctor said there was ‘nothing I could do other than surgery’. I was determined to find a solution, especially since my doctor said a single surgery for endometriosis was not a long term fix. I was told the endometriosis would come back and I would just have to keep having surgeries, which is not a healthy solution at all. I also had a small fibroid that was a problem as well.

So many women endure painful, heavy cycles and assume they are just one of those people who have to deal with bad periods. I started taking Endovan and after one month I could tell something was changing. After 3 months I had 75% improvement- less pain and cramping, shorter duration and less clotting. It was almost bizarre to have a normal cycle without being debilitated for days out of the month! I also researched and found that some studies show high level of dioxin, a byproduct of the beaching process, in women with endometriosis – so I started using organic, unbleached tampons as well which I believe is making a difference. Endovan is an essential tool in combating my symptoms and I’m so grateful it exists. Definitely give it a try!


I have hope for the first time in so long!!!

This is my first review ever for any product! I have to share this with women suffering with endometriosis. I started taking endovan only 2 weeks ago, but I have had amazing results. I was scheduled for surgery (which I cancelled), and I was in pain constantly. My ovaries ached, my back, and I had terrible periods. I started this the day of my period, and the entire period I only took ibuprofen once! Let me put it in perspective; I typically go through an entire 24 tablet bottle (sometimes more) on my period because of the pain. After my periods, I have terrible pelvic pain. I cannot even believe that my pain is gone. We have been trying for another baby for 2.5 years with fertility treatments with no success due to endometriosis. I have hope for the first time in so long!!! If you suffer from endo, order this now.

Nothing has helped me until Endovan

I have got endometriosis. I am very glad for the Endovan. I’ve been taking it less than a month. Unbelievable, but I feel better already. After the first day taking it, I was less moody, and so much happier. I guess the D3 vitamin works for me well. After 10 days taking it, I started to experience less pain. Before I had pain every single day. My first period on Endovan was manageable with less painkillers. I am able to go back to dancing again. As I wasn’t able to do sport in the last year. I had to deal with even more pain after dancing. Nothing helped me. Not even Laparoscopy, not contraception. Nothing but Endovan. It is amazing. Love it. I will continue to using it. Thank you Endovan.


I had forgotten what it was like without the pain

I was in non-stop pain for 5 months. Everday! I was one doctors visit away from agreeing to surgery because I just couldn’t take it anymore. I found Endovan after endless searching and was willing to try anything. I am glad I did. Five days after I started, the pain was gone! It took only five days for it to work on me! I was so happy that I did not know what to do. I had almost forgotten what it was like without the pain. Thank you for making this product and making it available to everyone.


My symptoms are disappearing!

I started taking Endovan eight months ago not knowing for sure if I had endometriosis (although GYN was pretty sure) I can’t afford laparoscopic surgery or even an appointment to help get with pain management. I was desperate and decided to give Endovan a try since a friend of mine swore it worked so well. It was the best decision I ever made. My daily pain went from a level eight on average to a level two on average! Before Endovan it would hurt for hours every time I went pee and I had diarrhea daily. Since taking it both those symptoms have disappeared. I recently stopped taking the pills to see if they’re really what was making the difference and I am absolutely miserable, it’s been a month, slowly all of my symptoms have returned and and then some! I can’t wait for my bottles of Endovan to arrive on my doorstep!


Symptoms much improved!

Honestly, Endovan is something I cannot even describe. It is indeed working for me and am so happy and grateful I found it. I have fibroids and I came across Endovan during a recent research on a website.

I thought of sharing what I observed after being on Endovan for 3 & half weeks now.

These are the changes I saw during and after my cycle.

1. Cramps – the usual heavy cramps prior to my cycle reduced . I had little or less cramps this time I didn’t even noticed till I went to the bathroom when I noticed it had come.

2. Heavy & thick flow - For the first time in a long time I noticed my flow was watery & lighter in color. Because of the fibroids, I used to have heavy hot flows which I changed pads often, and also the color of my flow used to be very dark red, but this time it was lighter in color.

3. Clots- my cycle has always been accompanied with clots, and if I say clots I mean very thick clots which are darker in color, sometimes I get scared when I see them I ask myself how can such big clots pass thru , and it comes during urination when in my cycle. But since being on Endovan I didn’t see that, though, I had clots but this time it was little clots that I observed and also lighter in color.

4. Discharges after cycle  - I usually have little dark discharges after my cycle, but this time those discharges had minimized. Also not dark as it used to be. 

In summary, I would have to admit that Endovan is a miracle. Thank God for these wonderful pills.

I’m just praying my fibroids vanishes so I can have a normal size abdomen/tummy.

And also kudos to all the Endovan team , especially Gerry for the amazing customer service you give and the tips that come with it. I am sharing these results for everyone to see. For those women who doubt Endovan, please it works,

I can’t wait for my next order to come.

Fran E

Lighter period, less bloating, fewer cramps

I started using Endovan almost 3 weeks ago. My period is much lighter, less bloating, fewer cramps in only a few weeks of use. It is the first time in years I have had a manageable cycle where my life didn’t stop during my period due to heavy bleeding and horrible swelling in my abdomen. I have also noticed reduced swelling and inflammation. So far, very happy with the product and will continue to order.

Really excited to measure the progress in 2 more months since it did so much in a few weeks.