It’s a marathon not a sprint

Fibrocystic breasts run in my family and I have had Endometriosis for 13 years (endometrium growing on the ovaries, in my case). I have been on several different birth controls, including Depo-Provera. After three pregnancy losses, my hormones changed and I could not go back to taking birth control without having major water retention issues (swelling in my abdomen, face, and ankles). After being off of the pill for a few months, I was becoming very constipated (taking two laxative pills a day) and experienced sharp pain during ovulation and sex. So I scheduled an ultrasound. It showed that my ovaries had adhered to my bowel (causing my constipation/pain). The tech said that only happens if you have had Endo for a VERY long time. So, I concluded that all of that medication that I had taken didn’t actually correct my Endo. It had just masked the symptoms. Fed up, I found Endovan on a random Google search.

I have been taking Endovan for four months now, and I took notes. Bottles 1-3 had some good and some bad. Bottle #1: by the time I finished it, I was completely off the laxative pills, but I was also so bloated during my first period that I couldn’t button my pants and had to loosen my bra. Bottle #2: less bloating and no pain during sex, but very moody. Bottle #3: painless ovulation, only some pressure, but very fatigued. Bottle #4: All good. Cycles beginning to extend to a normal length (used to be 24 days, now 28), I am finally able to lose weight, and I am retaining minimal water.

Synopsis: It will take a while, but it seems to actually fix the problem.

This video is also helpful if you want more info (be prepared to fast forward through the personal bits): She suggests that you can lower your dose after being on it for six months to one pill a day. That way you are saving money, but you don’t relapse. I’m going to start the process of reducing the number of pills I take soon. I doubt I will ever go off of Endovan completely. When you’ve had an issue for 13 years, you know it’s here to stay.

Good luck to you all.


I’ve never felt more free in my life!

Hello, I am Olivia and I am 16 years old. I not only have endometriosis, but also a rare genetic blood condition called Factor V Leiden, which unfortunately prevents me from taking birth control… Thus I have been dealing with full force unhuman endo pain every month for two years. Today was the first day in my journey with endo that I was able to start my period virtually pain free!

This is a major milestone in my life as I had to be homeschooled for two years in avoidance of the bad attendance I forcibly have with the condition. I have been taking Endovan every day for 4 months now. I’ve also combined this with multivitamins, meditation, and a lot of yoga. My experience went as follows:

Month 1: no noticeable improvement
Month 2: period started 5 days early with little improvement to the pain
Month 3: period started 1.5 weeks late with good improvement on the pain
Month 4: period started 1.5 weeks late again! however this time I felt like a new person. After one pamprin i am absolutely pain free.

Thank you so much Endovan team for making it possible for me to take my life back. I’ve never felt more free in my life! I hope some of you reading this find significant improvement from Endovan.


Endovan has changed my life!

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in May 2018. I used to have the worst back pain associated with my periods and had to take tramadol for my pain. My periods were so heavy and prior to getting it, it would make my life a living hell. I did not like using birth control after my surgery. I was not up for the effects it took on my body. So i did some research on some natural products that possibily worked. I came across my god sent answer Endovan! I also checked with my OBGYN to confirm if this was safe to take. She said it was perfectly fine because there was nothing in this product that could harm me. After trying for more than 3 months, I am writing this review with full confidence. Yes! This is God sent!!!!! This has changed my life around. I don’t take tramadol anymore because no need to for the pain. I can’t express how the pain has gradually disappeared. I get cramps but nothing like before. My period fills so regulated now and honestly my pimples disappeared. Makes sense because of the stress on body is gone! I will never stop buying this. I wish I can announce to the world about this because it’s worth every penny!!!!


I can’t wait to have my period!

Endovan had improved my period cycles and my quality of life so much. My period is lighter, less painful and easier to manage. Now I cannot wait to have my period. I am no longer bedridden when Aunt Flo comes around. I will be ordering again soon. Thank you Endovan!

If you start, don’t stop!

I have endometriosis and two cysts. I first took 2 bottles of Endovan and, although I did see a slight improvement in my periods (lighter flow and reduction in days), I didn’t see much improvement in pain. After finishing the third the bottle, I was experiencing a SIGNIFICANT reduction in non-period related pain as well, but I attributed it to other herbs I’ve been taking and a stress-free couple of weeks. Since I thought Endovan was not really doing much for me and it’s pricey, I didn’t reorder. I am now during my first period after quitting Endovan and I regret stopping!! My flow is super heavy again. It’s already my 4th day and my bleeding is as heavy as my 1st. day. I am reordering today and won’t stop again. I want to take for at least 6 months to really see the results other reviewers have experienced.


It works!

I began using this product in 2006 after doctors found 2 fibroids in my uterus. I had just had one removed that was the size of an orange. Determined not to have another surgery, I searched for a natural cure and found Endovan. Stacy’s testimony won me over. The results were amazing, the pain stopped and the fibroids began to shrink. One of my co-workers had the same problem and was bleeding heavily, her doctor prescribed medicine but it didn’t help. I told her about Endovan, she started taking it and the heavy bleeding stopped. Another lady I knew had fibroids and had been bleeding for 4 months straight, I gave her a bottle of Endovan, she began taking it and within one week the bleeding slowed, within 2 weeks the bleeding had stopped! Endovan is an amazing product and I would recommend it to anyone who has fibriod issues.


This is the only product that has ever made a difference!

I was completely skeptical of this product’s effectiveness, but was also at the point where I was willing to try anything to help my cramps and extremely heavy menstrual flow. I started taking Endovan a few days after my period ended, so I’d taken almost a full bottle by the time it started again. I am thrilled with the results so far! The cramps are diminished significantly, and the amount of flow is also vastly decreased! Just ordered my second bottle–this stuff is amazing! I have never been diagnosed with endometriosis, but have had uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts my entire adult life. I had a d&c simply to help decrease my flow with absolutely no results. This is the only product that has ever made a difference!



I started taking endovan in July of 2018 after suffering with endometriosis, fibroids and one cyst. 2.5 months of using this product and the lining is shedding like crazy, my cyst has shrunk 2 centimeters and the fibroids aren’t growing. Will recommend this product to anyone who suffers with any of those problems.


Endovan is a life changer!

I have never written a review but I felt the need to do so when it comes to Endovan! It has been a miracle for me. I have SUFFERED from endometriosis for years! Heavy intense periods to the point I couldn’t even get out of bed to work! I read reviews after taking the lupron shot for years and dealing with the negative side affects. Read the reviews and ordered Endovan and it has turned my life around! Regular periods with alot less pain! God sent, miracle in a bottle. My saving grace. Give it a try. Give it a few months to build up in your system so that it has a chance to build up and work like it should. If you suffer from endometriosis then this product is a must! I have had two surgeries and taken lupron shots with only temporary relief, it always came back! Endovan is a life changer.


Endovan is the only thing that’s ever given me any relief

I was unofficially diagnosed with endometriosis right after my fifteenth birthday. At that point, I’d already been dealing with excruciating and irregular cycles for a little over two years, and desperately needed some kind of relief. My regular doctor had been monitoring the situation and was fairly confident that endometriosis was what I’d been dealing with, as my cycles seemed to get worse over time instead of better. Her medical solution was to put me on birth control as hormonal therapy. The first prescription we tried had me on my period for nearly three months straight! After trying multiple prescriptions, we finally found one that didn’t make it worse and regulated me, but I was still in excruciating pain during my periods. I had a ruptured ovarian cyst while I was on birth control, and missed a lot of school due to being in so much pain I couldn’t even get out of bed. The pain was so bad, even with the birth control, I’d be crying and miss anywhere from a day to a week of school each month. As I got older, I learned more about the effects long term use of birth control can have on a woman’s body. I wasn’t comfortable with the risks, but I didn’t think I had any better options as my medical provider never offered any solutions other than surgery or birth control. I wanted a family of my own some day, and didn’t want to choose between mild relief from my symptoms and the chance of having my own children eventually. When I was nineteen, I started doing my research.

Right around my twentieth birthday, I discovered the website for Endovan. At this point, I’d been on the pill for five years and was looking at at least five more before I’d be close to considering starting a family, and was pretty upset about what my odds of good fertility would be by then. I read a lot of positive reviews, both on the Endovan site and other review sites, so I figured I give it a try. Worse case scenario, I’d just go back on my birth control and keep looking. But my results were amazing.

The first month my pain was significantly reduced. By month four, my bleeding had decreased. I had more energy and felt way better than I ever had on the pill.
At the time, I was working as a waitress getting paid $2.30 an hour plus tips (which weren’t great). I couldn’t afford Endovan every month, so I took it for six months and then went off it. My cycle continued to be improved from when I’d been on the pill. I was so regular, I could predict down to the hour when my period would start. I never had more than intense discomfort.

As the years passed, my symptoms continued to be better than when I’d been without treatment or on birth control, but within the last year I’ve had more pain again. Still regular(though not as predictable as I was on Endovan), still not usually as bad as it used to be, but worse than when I’d been taking the Endovan.

At 24, I just got married, and my husband never knew me before the Endovan. He has seen my symptoms beginning to come back, so we decided to find some room in the budget for me to start Endovan again. We see it as an investment in our future, in a couple years we want to start a family. It’s never too soon to start taking care of my reproductive health again. So far, just three months in to the renewed regimine, my regulation is getting better again, and I can tell my body is getting rid of the build up its incurred over the past four years.

Endovan is the only thing that’s ever given me any relief from the pain. Endovan is the only thing that’s given me hope of fertility. I’m so glad I found this product!