Endovan is the only thing that worked

I had had extreme stomach cramping with abdominal bloating for years. I Looked like I was 6 months pregnant during these episodes (I am a size 0). Doctors had prescribed me many different pain pills and anti-inflammatories and nothing worked. The pain at times was so extreme I couldn’t even stand up.

The cramping starts in my lower right side of my abdomen radiating down my right leg .
It felt like severe severe menstrual cramping but I was in my 60’s so no more periods and the doctors ruled out endometriosis because of my age !

Frustrated I googled everything that mentioned anything about my symptoms Luckily for me I ran across Endovan on these searches. The reviews were promising. So I thought why not give it a try. I’ve tried almost everything else.

A miracle happened – almost immediately I noticed that Endovan was working for me. I still get the severe cramping and bloating but at the first sign I take three pills and within 10-20 minutes. The cramps are gone as well as the huge stomach.

Endovan has been a miracle for me. I carry a bottle in both our cars & a pill box in my purse . I can never be without this miracle pill. I’ve been ordering it for at least 5 years now. Thank You Endovan!