No more maximum absorbency pads

They said only surgery could save my life, and that I needed a blood transfusion. The surgery was $100,000, my insurance only covers 80% which means I had come up with $20.000 that I don’t have. I though this was it and I was going to bleed to death after 5 months of non-stop heavy bleeding. I was using Poise maximum absorbency pads – the one that incontinent people use. On top of that, before I went to bed I had to put a garbage bag and a towel on top of my bed because I was afraid I was going to bleed through. I was very pale and feeling weak and taking two pain killers a day. I am still in disbelief that my bleeding has stopped completely after only 2 weeks of taking Endovan, and I did it with less than $50. To me this is just a dream – a beautiful dream. I can’t thank you enough because for me THIS IS A GREAT MIRACLE, doctors told me that I was never going to stop bleeding unless I had hysterectomy.

With tears in my eyes I can tell you that I am very greatful and may God bless your business and I hope that many ladies that are suffering out there try Endovan before anything else IT WORKS, IT WORKS, IT WORKS. This is the Miracle pill. I thank God for Endovan because my case was severe and I am free now, my fibroids are shrinking but the most important part for me I have stopped bleeding completely and I am getting better day by day.

Thanks soooooooo much.

Maria A.