No more bleeding accidents!

I have just finished my first bottle of Endovan. I am taking it in hopes of avoiding a hysterectomy or uterine artery embolization for treatment of my fibroid. I actually ordered this as a “last ditch” effort! I have had extremely heavy periods for years, but they have now progressed to causing significant anemia and really disrupting my everyday activities when I am having my cycle. I can also palpate my fibroid when pressing on my stomach because it has grown so large. My doctor has recommended one of the above mentioned procedures to treat my fibroid, but I really want to avoid surgery if I can. I googled treatments for fibroids and found this site and decided I have nothing to loose. I started my monthly cycle after being on the Endovan for only two weeks. For the first time in many years, I did not have any “accidents” as I call them (or bleeding onto my clothes or sheets at night). I am going to continue the Endovan for at least the full 3 months in hopes that my fibroid will eventually shrink. So far, I am impressed!

Tammi M.