My pain is gone and the swelling is down

I was bleeding non stop for about six weeks. went to the doctor and found out that I had multiple fibroids and a cyst on my right ovary. They told me that if the bleeding did not stop I would have to consider surgery.

So I went home that night and did alot of research online came across alot of products available that claimed to help and were extremely expensive. Then I came across Endovan and read about it and all the testimonials and decided to give it a try just to get the bleeding to stop and to address the abdominal pain and swelling in the abdomen. The price was reasonable because I wasn’t sure if it was even going to work. Recieved Endovan in the mail very quickly. Took two pills in the morning and two pills at night and within 5 days I was just spotting and within 8 days the bleeding had completely stopped and within about 12 days the pain was gone in my abdomen. I have been taking this product about 25 days now and noticed the bloating in my abdomen is gone and I have lost 6 pounds.

This is a great product all I really wanted after 6 weeks of constant bleeding was just to get the bleeding to stop but I ended up getting so much more from Endovan. My pain is gone and the swelling is down. I have put off surgery. Thank you very much for this product. I never write reviews but I decided I would for this product. This is a GREAT product.