Melissa’s Before & After MRIs

This natural product is fantastic! I have had fabulous results and tried many different programs that didn’t work before finding Endovan.

The history of the problem began with a lot of stress with the sudden loss of my mother and a heavy business schedule. Effects of the stress kept building, periods became heavier, lasted longer and eventually seemed to come twice a month.

The gynecologist didn’t seem to find anything specific and just told me I must have yeast problems. I tried OTC anti fungals, that used to help me but actually felt like they burned me. I tried acidophilus with only slight relief.

I tried a series of acupuncture, took a lot of Chinese herbs, with a basic diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease. The herbs over dried me and I began to crack and bleed. My pulse rate began to get real high and any stress at all shot it up.

My house actually began to bother my pulse and different rooms made my pulse higher. We found out that we had several sources of mold in our house and had to have major reconstruction.

All the while my periods remained bad or worse.

My husband is a doctor and was working with me and the other doctors trying to help. We had been taking good nutrition but had not had any blood work done so we went in for a complete study. Much to my shock, the lab called my husband and said I was critically anemic. He told them I was having some problems but was able to exercise every day. He called a medical doctor friend who said with that low of blood numbers I shouldn’t be able to get out of bed, it must have been a false read, come to his office after the weekend and he would retest. Unfortunatly, the numbers were right and he scared me horribly, and I had the first of 3 blood transfusions. He tried to stop my blood flow by starting me on birth control pills, increasing them when the flow wouldn’t stop, to where I was taking a whole pack in one week. We were noticing that my stomach was getting larger (and even my breasts, which I didn’t mind!) but it all went to hell on Christmas Eve…I spent 5 days with my feet up until I could see a Gynecologist. She did and ultrasound, said I had a 22 week size uterus and urgently needed a hysterectomy and scheduled one for the next week. She said maybe lupron would work, but would take 3 months and the fibroids would come back right away after the lupron. The hospital said come with $5000 since I had no insurance.

My husband had an MRI done to see more detail. To make a long story short, God led us to a University specialist who saw me the Monday after New Years, and said surgery would have been like driving too close to a semi truck, knowing there were cars on either side of it that you couldn’t see, and trying to reach around and do surgery. He put me on lupron, to shut down my periods by shutting down my pituitary gland, basically putting me into menopause over night. There are evil side effects to that drug, I had to have one a month for 3 months.

I began the Endovan mid January after being up late on the internet, praying to find some help. I had not stopped bleeding yet from lupron (promise made that it would) but did stop and was shrinking by mid February. The follow up MRI showed at least 20% less size and I am down completely now (size 2) and have had 4 normal, light periods since being off the lupron. Two doctors said the fibroids would grow back within a month or two of going off the drug. I am at 5 months. There is some discharge but overall I am much better. I have a lot of fears yet because of the 7 units of blood transfused, but I know God led me to Endovan and it has helped me heal, not just cut out the result of the problem. They have worked with me wonderfully at the company, answering all of my (multiple) questions, adding confidence that I am on track and will not grow back any more fibroids!