Maggie’s Endovan Story

Update: 10/23/2012

Maggie had another Baby!

“I couldn’t decide which photos to send so I just send a ton. I hope that you have fun looking at them. We love our little girls and are so thrilled that we have Endovan in our lives. My life and the life of everyone they meet would not be the same. They are such lovable girls. Thanks, Maggie”

Original Post: 05/10/2009

Maggie’s Baby Girl

Since I started my menstrual cycle at age 14 I have had severe back pains and cramping. The cramping was so bad that I would have to stop what ever I was doing and crouch in a ball. Many times I would find my self confined to my bedroom because the pain and nausea was so bad that I felt incredibly ill.

My family has a history of bad cramping during their menstrual cycle so I thought that I just inherited it. I went on thought life with no other thought but that I had just inherited it. Years went by and my symptoms increased; I began thinking there was something terribly wrong with me. I saw many doctors and they gave me different answers; Fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, nausea, head aches etc. You name it and I had a symptom of it.

I am now 30 years old and finally have a few of the answers but this was one of the main issues; about three years ago I started my menstrual cycle and this time the pain was so bad that I could not work for several days. The pain continued to intensify even after my cycle was done. I saw my primary doctor and had an ultra sound. The ultra sound reviled several large masses. The mass structures were so large they could not find my uterus. I saw a surgeon that same day and was put in for emergency surgery three days later. I woke up feeling I wanted to die from the pain I was in. The doctor came to see my and said I had a severe case of endometriosis; he said it was stage four and the worst case he had ever seen, he got most of it but he had to cut open both my ovaries and found chocolate cysts as well as untangle my colon and blater. I was left feeling completely gutted and violated.

I went to my check up a week later and the doctor wanted to start me on hormonal medications. I refused to take them because I had tried similar drugs in the past for other reasons and felt awful on them. My mom came to take care of me after my surgery and started looking on the internet; she found Endovan and said it wouldn’t hurt to try it.

I started taking it about five days later and within a month’s time I felt a little bit better. The swelling started to come down about two months later and about six months later I was feeling better than normal. I was still recovering from my surgery when I found I had a thyroid issue as well; a friend introduced me to a specialist a year after taking Fibovan and four months after the thyroid medication I got pregnant with our first baby girl. Our little girl, Sarah was born April 11, 2009 at 6:30am. Beautiful healthy baby girl. Thank you so much Endovan.