I no longer have multiple fibroids

My success story is one of multiple fibroids, the largest was 8 cm. and heavy bleeding to the point that my iron levels got as low as 5.5, even after being on prescription iron for several months, my body was not absorbing the iron. Before this, my iron was at the 9.0 level, my OBGYN said he wanted to do a total hyserectomy, he had an opening in two weeks, here are the release papers, thank you! The lady in the insurance Dept. of my OBGYN immediately whisked me into a room and handed me papers to sign, all while I was thinking that I needed to talk with my husband first, etc. After much prayer and searching, I found Endovan. I started on the minimum dose and had less cramps immediately. My periods have become lighter and my iron levels have slowly kept going up. After my last ultrasound several months later, I no longer have multiple fibroids, but only two, the largest of which is 2.5 cm! My new Obgyn says it is due to menopause, possibly. But my hormone test results came in today, and I am pre menopausal. I am grateful for Endovan’s help in this difficult situation. I just wish that I had known about Endovan earlier!