I feel full of energy and my appetite is back

THANK YOU FOR MY LIFE BACK!! When I found Endovan I had recently gotten out of the hospital from a blood transfusion (my hemoglobin was 3). I felt like crap (after 5 painful pints of blood I was only brought back up to 9…which immediately went down to 8 after my first period). Feeling hopeless and in the midst of scheduling a myomectomy, I decided to try Endovan. I must admit I was very, very, very skeptical (after having taking another form of nattokinase.)

I am blown away!!! After only 2 days I no longer had pressure on my vital organs (my multiple fibroids measure 20 weeks), I began to have more energy and although my heavy urination continued, each day the pressure on my bladder lessened. Well, after just finishing my first bottle, all I can say is wow!!! My stomach has gone down, my first period on Endovan was 4 days (usually on and off for 14 ). I feel full of energy and my appetite is back (who can eat when your stomach has a small basketball sitting next to it?). I still wear a pad daily (old habits die hard) but so far, so good. No period return and I can feel the Endovan actually going after another fibroid (I’m very sensitive). Oh, and can I say how wonderful it is to have your bowels back. I’m moving 3-6 times per day. I will keep you informed of my progress, I plan to see a doctor after I finish 3rd bottle (which I’ll be ordering quite soon)…but I just wanted to share my story just in case there are other skeptical women in my position.