I am so glad that this product is out there to help us woman

I am 44 years old I have had fibroid for about 20 years now the only thing that bothered me was having a long cycle every month my back would hurt i couldn’t go to work i would have to change pads every 5 to 10 mins. I finally got tired of this so I went to a doctor and all he said was that i needed a hysterectomy and i was not having that because then i needed to take hormone pills – NOT happening.

I have fibroids the size of a soft ball because it looks like i am pregnant, so i decided to look online and see how can i can get rid of my fibroids and Endovan popped up i read pretty much everybody’s life story i was so amazed to hear that everyone was doing so great by taking Endovan.
So i have been taken Endovan since January 2014 i feel so great because i do crossfit and in doing crossfit i have a lot of energy my metabolism is very high i run better now.

Since i have been taking Endovan my fibroids have shrunk a lot because i love sleeping on my stomach and i couldn’t do that anymore but since I have been taking Endovan they have shrunk i am so glad that this product is out there to help us woman.

Thank you Endovan for letting me have my life back.

Juanita R.