Hope It will shrink my fibroid

I have been on Endovan for one week now, so far I feel slight difference in heaviness around my waist. I will back and review again after few week

Angel S.

2 thoughts on “Hope It will shrink my fibroid

  1. Charity

    I have been using fibrovan for 6 months now.
    infact is true about not having clots !!
    but am not sure of when de fibrovan is going to help de shrinking! !
    i went to de doctor today en de fibrod is stil 4 en 3 centimeters, also there are small small ones there! !
    Can someone advies me on what to do???

  2. Denise Strandell

    I hope that you will experience success with this product. I, unfortunately, did not and had to have a hysterectomy back in February.
    Although, within the first few months of taking Fibrovan, my pain lessened a little, as did the bleeding. However, after about 4 months, the pain and heaviness associated with my large fibroid began to increase, and by December of last year, I began experiencing more frequent bleeding episodes. I also found out that my fibroid had increased significantly in size & the doctor strongly recommended a hysterectomy, not only because of the size, but because of cancer concerns.
    The hysterctomy, for me, was the best decision, but again, I hope that you will experience success with this product!

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