Endovan is working wonders for me

I have only been taking Endovan for about a month and I just want to find the creatpr of this product and shake their hand. I experienced immediate relief from back pain which was a blessing in itself. My menstrual cycle went from lasting 7/8 days back to lasting just 3/4 days, no more heavy clotting, no more having bleeding and very light cramping. I would get headaches that would last my entire cycle and just make me completely shut down to almost non functioning. I was very skeptical about purchasing this product after suffering a miscarriage and being told that the fibroids could have been the main cause of it BUT there was nothing they could do except remove my uterus. I’ve seen doctor after doctor and each one saying the same thing, so I continued to pray and ask God for guidance and I was led to this site. I had never heard of the product and not once had it ever been recommended to me by any of the doctors but I figured after spending dollar after dollar going to all the different medical appointments, I might as well give this a try. I thank God every day that I did and I am so anxious to see what the rest of my results will be since I’ve only been taking them for a short period of time and prayerfully I will be able to conceive once again. Best of luck to all of you trying this product, it’s working wonders for me and I am telling everyone about it.