Endovan has eliminated my fibroids for over ten years

I have used Endovan for many years now, and I keep trying to spread the word. This product has consistently eliminated my fibroids. And I have read many reviews from others over the years that it helped them with endometriosis, to the point where they did not need a scheduled operation. This was the case with me and my fibroids.

What brought me to Endovan over ten years ago was this: I had an operation over fifteen years ago to remove fibroid tumors on my ovaries and uterus. Then several years later, the fibroids grew back.

My doctor had told me that an operation was the ONLY way to get rid of fibroid tumors. For that operation fifteen years ago, he also wanted to remove my uterus during the operation, since I “really didn’t need it anymore” due to my age (late 40s?), and that he said the fibroids usually grow back.

I insisted on keeping my uterus – to me it was a part of my womanhood, and I believe removal creates other issues, such as potential weight gain, and immediately going into menopause. I wouldn’t think of any other woman as less of a woman if her uterus is removed, and you can’t tell from the outside anyway. But to remove a uterus when it’s not necessary doesn’t make sense to me.

I had the operation, the major nausea and pain afterward, and weeks of recovery to be able to get back to running. It’s over fifteen years later now, and I’m now 65 and still have the 8-inch scar and am still numb and itchy in that area. And I have a “flap” of skin that bulges out above the scar – on my once-flat belly.

When the fibroids came back, several years after my one fibroid operation, I frantically searched for a natural way to eliminate them. So many chatrooms indicated Endovan helped others with fibroids and endometriosis – and they cancelled operations. I could not find one negative review or statement that it didn’t work for them; this was unusual, and it still is.

When I consulted with my doctor, he said there is no way Endovan could possibly work – that my body would simply tear apart the ingredients of the pills. He suggested “before and after” ultrasounds when I insisted, to prove it to me. He was very surprised, and almost confused when the ultrasounds showed that it worked.

To this day when I get that pinching and pain, I start up the Endovan and am relieved, although I really shouldn’t stop, and maybe take one a day, since there are no bad side effects. The reason I stopped and started over the past five years or so was that I, once again, believed something else my doctor said back then:

My doctor had also said that once I went into menopause, I wouldn’t get fibroids anymore, or they would just go away on their own – and said maybe that’s what had really eliminated the fibroids, and not the Endovan. Wrong again, and I proved it to myself this week.

I was thinking that maybe as I continue into menopause (starting around age 56 – through age 65 now), that maybe the fibroid formation really would diminish or just go away over time. So, for the past five or so years, I would just wait until I got the fibroids and hurry up and order. BUT, I thought maybe I just wasn’t giving my body enough time to eliminate them – so this time I waited, and waited – for many weeks. Big mistake.

Last week I was in so much pain, it was shooting down my leg and across my back – and I winced went I bent over, and had a hard time sleeping – waking up bent over like the “old lady” I am. I do not like feeling my age, thank you. I never did until these past few weeks.

Once I was at this painful point, and starting to freak out that maybe it was cancer, I ordered the Endovan. So, I am concluding that the “experts” and contemporary medicine once again didn’t know what they’re talking about.

Today, I’m sitting here in tears, since after just a 2-3 days of Endovan, the pain is subsiding. This is what I’ve gotten used to with Endovan over the years. I was going to wait to post this review, but I wanted to write while I’m experiencing this joy of initial relief.

As an aside, I had found on chatrooms, way back when that, since the ingredient in Endovan that dissolves the bad tissue of fibroids is an enzyme, and all our bodies’ enzymes use CoQ10 – that taking 100mg of CoQ10 every other day seems to boost how quickly I get relief. I could be wrong, but I’m not stopping now, after all these years of fast relief.

I trust the Endovan product because their support people are very knowledgeable – and I highly recommend getting in touch with them if you have questions or if there may be some tweaks to the treatment that may help you in your personal situation.

I also trust Endovan because this is not just some cheap product from China. Nutritional supplements and natural treatments can be so variable, when it comes to the ingredients selected, how the ingredients are processed and where sourced – as well as the entire staff of the organization.

For example, as a botanist myself, I know how various species of plants can look similar but react very differently in our bodies. This is why black cohosh has been accused of destroying kidneys. There are different varieties of black cohosh and completely different species that are identical.

I also read an article a few years back about a study done, investigating various nutritional supplements and companies/corporations -and how we are misled and exposed to health dangers by people and organizations who just want our money.

I like that this company truly cares and continues to improve their products. I like that it contains 250% of Vitamin D minimum daily requirement – and we are all likely deficient in this vital nutrient. I like that it also contains 250% MDR of Vitamin B6, since although I’m not vegetarian, I’ve cut down on meat – and vegetarians can be deficient in B6. And I like that I can trust that the ingredients are of the highest quality.

I mostly like that it works. Thank you, Gerry and everyone at your organization, for all of us that you have helped.

Linda S