Endovan allows your system to heal itself

I am a 47 year old African American woman. I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids that had my uterus expanded to the size of 22 weeks of pregnancy but not. I did not want to lose my uterus. So I searched the internet and came across Endovan. I purchased 2 bottles that came right away. I received relief right away the clots were there but the pain was not. This produce is wonderful! Everything it promises will happen. Fibroid free and no surgery! My family wanted to know what I was doing. I use to couldn’t sleep on my stomach it was very uncomfortable. Now my God it is wonderful. Endovan allows your system to heal itself. How awesome is that with no side effects. Try it please! You will not regret it.
God Bless!

Leatrice M.

4 thoughts on “Endovan allows your system to heal itself

  1. Marinette Cort

    Hi there,

    My stomach got a little bigger which you look like you are pregnant. I didn’t have my menstruation from the last 3 months but then whenever I sleep at night I feel some discomfort pain on my lower left abdomen especially when I turn to the right. Does this Fibrovan will shrink this fibroid that I have? I would love to hear from you if you could email me. Thank you and I’ll be waiting…AMC

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