Cramps pain was killing me

I have always been a runner I couldn’t understand why I was tired all the time. I thought I was just over working myself. My husband was deployed – doing yard work & all things around house that is done by him became my extra work. I worked in another state with a 1 hour drive then 2 hours on a airplane just to start my work day. I thought it was just my body telling me “your tired”.

When I went for my yearly papsmear & mammogram I was told to get a sonogram and bingo! Fibroids. Scared to tell anyone, I just kept looking for anything that would help me not get cut open to pull out what God had given. Never have I done birth control. So yes, I’m hard head. My periods came normal for years – only five days but the bleeding was super heavy and cramps pain was killing me where I couldn’t sleep. I am not ready for Hysterectomy yet. Not at 42, maybe 52 or at 62, but not now kids or no kids.

Anyway, I’ve finished my 1st bottle and my pain is now just like regular cramps and I feel great. I’m waiting for my next yearly papsmear to see if my Fibroids have gotten smaller. I just pray that my end will be a super story like the others. I will post updates. Ladies like us need to stick like glue. God Bless!!