Amazing fast results!

About eight years ago I was introduced to Endovan through a friend. She had a client who was using it and getting excellent results. I had been diagnosed with fibroids and told that I needed to get a hysterectomy, which I scheduled but quickly changed my mind. I’m in the healthcare profession and aware of options as well as downsides of those options. I have many friends who have had hysterectomies and I’ve watched them go through enough.

My choice was clearly “no surgery!” I took Endovan for several years and noticed that the fibroids never grew bigger but were still there. After a while I stopped taking Endovan thinking its not working. It did reduce them in size but not to my satisfaction. Over the past 5 years I’ve tried and looked at every other natural remedy until I came across a book on fibroids which hit the nail on the head. The author talked about women who take supplements like these to shrink the fibroids and the minute they stop they return! That was my case. This author educated me on the importance of eliminating phytoestrogen rich foods and detoxing the liver and body as well as eating foods that are low in phytoestrogens.

Since then I’ve done many detoxes. I eat curificerous vegetables. I personally eat my blood-type diet and have gone through pains of eliminating things that contain soy, flax, processed meats, hormone and antibiotic rich meats, amongst a plethora of other foods that aggravate the situation. Eating for my blood type works well for me. However, I was still not getting any relief on the fibroid front. My tummy had a fibroid the size of a large grapefruit and I’m a very petite skinny person. This bump was very prevalent and noticable when I wore tight fitting clothes. Not to mention uncomfortable as hell. Then I got emails for Endovan all of a sudden and I remembered what I had read. That taking supplements was not enough to get rid of these “pests.” So I ordered 3 bottles. After taking them for just 3 days at 6 pills per day, my tummy went down considerably! My husband was blown away! I’ve been taking them for nearly 2 weeks now and the fibroids have shrunk over 1/3 in size. They went from grapefruit size to the size of an orange. The combination of the proper diet and Endovan have accelerated their elimination.

I have been hot flashing like crazy but it’s from the fibroids dissolving and the excess hormones circulating in my body till they are removed by the liver….hence the importance of liver cleanses.

I love this miracle product and highly recommend it to anyone and urge others to really learn about the causes and diet. Once I’ve eliminated them I will continue to take the maintenance dose to prevent future growths.

Thank you for this amazing product!