All of my symptoms are gone

After 11 years of severe pain 2 weeks before my period, and then being sick the week of my period, I fell into a deep depression because not one Doctor could explain why I spent 3/4 of a month bloated swollen, and unable to sleep.

I started Endovan in February 2013 and 10 mos later, all the symptoms from the inflammation are gone. I was tested and they would not confirm if it was endometriosis or adenomyosis. I figured it to be adenomyosis because of all my side affects, my age, and that I had had a c-section birth. Endovan gave me my life back!! I feel blessed and glad I stumbled onto this website

Khristan S.

1 thought on “All of my symptoms are gone

  1. Dailia M-Loregnard

    I’v been miserably suffering some seven plus years of endometriosis and its horrible symptoms then after searching and reading about this annoying disease thinking there’s nothing to give some relief I just so happen to have stumble upon this drug called endovan which I have not yet tried but I’m really excited to do so. Hope it really works….can’t wait!

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