I thought life was over until this product

In 2011 i started to have terrible pain flair ups. Most days i would sneak into the bathroom at work to just lay flat on the ground to relieve the pain. I couldn’t take any pain medication because it caused terrible constipation and so i just thought this was my new life. My boyfriend ( now husband ) would draw hot baths for me at 3 am. I was only able to crawl from bed to bath some days. I would lay at night looking on the net for a solution. I was not trying to have a baby but was on a fertility forum reading what helped other women with endo. I read that Endovan was working for these woman so i ordered a bottle. The first month i didn’t notice much. I would call it taking my sugar pill. My husband recommend i stay with it for 3 months at least. By month two my days with pain were under 7. Before i was in non stop pain 24-7. Everyday! Endovan changed my life. I really felt like life was over before i started taking it and now over a year in i see hope!

Nicole Y.