Don’t do surgery. Read my story – this works!

I’ve been suffering since I was 16 years old and I’m now turning 50. I lived in such pain and had 15 surgeries to clean out the Endometriosis that is all over all my organs. They told me when I was 17 years old I had such severe endometriosis I would never have children. Thank god I had 3. They took out my left ovary at 28 years old – the doctor wouldn’t take my uterus out. Nine months later it had to come out. I was bleeding to the point the clots I could feel coming down were the size of baseballs. 8 years later the pain was so bad I begged to die. they did a cat scan – couldn’t see anything wrong – meanwhile my right ovary was wrapped around my colon on the right side. I never ever got relief from surgery. I always felt like I was in labor even after 20 years it just kept getting worse.

I’ve been on Endovan for 3 weeks and it is definitely helping. I still have pain but not nearly as bad. Amazing. I was so afraid I was going to need another surgery and I’m terrified to wind up with a bag because it’s wrapped around my colon again the pain was beyond terrible. I’m ordering 3 more bottles now and praying it will continue to keep getting better every month. If you have any doubts please try it will change your life. I’m now a believer. Don’t do surgery, it doesn’t work – it just comes right back and don’t trust your doctor I did for my whole life and I’ve lived a very painful existence for way too many years.