The pain is gone

Since I was young I’ve always had extremely painful periods to the point that it would keep me at home couple of days per month. In my late 30s I was diagnosed with endometriosis and I was found to have a few fibroids as well. I’ve had two surgeries to remove the endometriosis. After the first surgery the pain (which was my major symptom) was back in 4-6 months. The second time not even 2 months. I was desperate – living on Advil and still having pain during the day, during intercourse, and I was always running to the bathroom as my bladder was always hurting and it was waking me up at night as well. I’ve been on Endovan for less than a month now. After day 2 most pain was gone. I got my period and I couldn’t believe I didn’t have to take a ton of Advil! Since then I’ve had a little occasional pain but it’s unreal how well I feel most of the time! Before Endovan I was feeling sick most of the time!

Scilla L.