I now have a healthy and beautiful son

I must say thank you to Endovan. I used to have severe pains while on my period and it required me to visit the emergency room often to receive pain medication via intravenous line. After suffering for many many years with painful periods a friend mentioned Endovan to me. I read up on it and purchased a bottle started taking it and I must say what a relief I felt after a few months of using it. I have severe endometriosis and I gave up on ever having kids. I kept taking my Endovan for a year or more and it has really helped me. I was able to go to work and resume my normal life. It even helped me get pregnant. I am happy to say I now have a son who is healthy and beautiful.

Endovan was took me out of a painful life to a life of minimal pain. Thank you for creating such a wonderful and helpful product I recommend it to every woman who has trouble with period pains.

Darcelle M.

3 thoughts on “I now have a healthy and beautiful son

  1. Ronnisha

    Did you take birth control during the year you took Endovan? If so how long after stopping did you get pregnant?

  2. Shayla Komar

    I have been going through alot lately giving up on having kids and just getting a hysterectomy for my pain…..Your story made me so relived i really cant wait to try this stuff

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