Success Stories

I was told nothing breaks down scar tissue in the uterus!

Hi there, It has been a while since I have used Endovan because… I GOT PREGNANT!!!!!

I was one of those pesky callers desperate to find something to help with endometriosis, fibroids, and scar tissue from surgery. I read reviews and testimonials about women who could not get pregnant until after using Endovan. The product made sense so I tried it. It took a while and I used full dosage for I think about 6-7 months (and not perfectly). Slowly my periods became more regular and the days increased somewhat.

Before Endovan my period was only 1-3 days, I had lower back pain, fibroids, and cysts on my ovaries, and old dried blood and clots. I had severe Endometriosis requiring surgery. The doctor said the only reason he did not remove my uterus is because I told him not to under any condition but cancer. I told him to wake me up if I had cancer and show me and only then would I consider it! Thank GOD he didn’t remove it. I also had one fallopian tube blocked as well. I was told that I had less than a 5% chance to get pregnant with IVF!

I was told nothing breaks down scar tissue in the uterus!

Well, I want to tell you they were wrong. I was …wait for it…41 years old when I got pregnant naturally and had a beautiful, healthy (with some allergies for sure), yummy, precious baby girl. She is 17 months old now and If God allows I’d love one more.

I told myself if Endovan works for me I’m gonna write a review to encourage other women to try it and to give a HUGE THANK YOU to the creators of this wonderful amazing product! I’m pretty sure I would not be a mother now without it!

Many many blessings to those of you on your quest for healing…and babies ;)


An end to horrible, debilitating cycles

I started Endovan about 7 years ago after my amazing then OBGYN had suggested it.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed with endometriosis via surgery when I was 19 and suffered from unbearable cycles since even earlier then that. He suggested Endovan as a last result since we had tried almost every birth control, all ending in failure and with worse side effects than my actual cycles. I try to steer clear of hormone packed solutions for my endometriosis and Endovan seemed like the right fit for me.

In a matter of two weeks my whole body changed. The constant ache and tenderness in my lower stomach subsided and after my first cycle I realized I could never be without Endovan ever again. The huge difference in the amount of clotting, heaviness, and severe cramping was amazing! It no longer hurt to have sex and I could function like a normal human being throughout my cycle.

I just had my daughter 7 months ago and unfortunately had to switch doctors due to insurance issues. This new doctor not only laughed at Endovan, he told me it made no difference if I took it or not. In the months of my pregnancy I wound up stopping Endovan out of pure forgetfulness to reorder and lack of symptoms that I felt. I thought maybe I didn’t need it anymore.

My first few cycles after my daughter were normal, but unfortunately was soon back to my 19 year old self with horrible, debilitating cycles. This last cycle was so bad throughout the entire 30 days that I thought something had gone wrong with my c-section.

It was only after I realized that I had stopped taking the Endovan that I realized my body had reverted back to the painful days I would have rather forgotten. I just ordered myself more and can’t thank this product enough! The staff is so helpful and truly empathize with the people who need it. I always feel understood and validated when looking at the reviews that I made the right decision years ago by listening to my doctor. The quality of life only changed so much for the better!

Courtney G

I recommend Endovan highly to any woman suffering Endometriosis or PCOS or other problems getting pregnant

My name is Melissa and I was diagnosed with endometriosis after suffering bad periods and infertility after my 5 beautiful children.

My husband and I were wanting 6 children and were trying for years wondering what was going on. I went to my OB doctor and had a laparoscopic surgery that found the endometriosis. I was devastated as I know how all the women in my family suffer miscarriages as I have and can’t conceive. They set me up for a hysterectomy at only 34 years old, but my insurance company denied it and told me to go to Mental Health as they claimed my problems were, ” all in my head”. Even when I would repeatedly almost bleed to death monthly and had the proof, I was still told to jump through the hoops. Eventually I grew tired of receiving no help and took matters into my own hands.

One day I was laying on the couch crying with my family praying over me. All of the sudden I jumped off the couch and researched Endovan. Something I had never heard of. I got off all medications (or should I say poison?) from the doctors. I ordered Endovan and it changed my life for the better.

I started taking Endovan and before I was finished with the first bottle became pregnant.  I had my baby boy Elijah Feb. 8th, 2016. He just celebrated his first birthday the other day and is such a precious bundle of joy. We are so excited to share this story with you all.

I recommend Endovan highly to any woman suffering Endometriosis or PCOS or other problems getting pregnant. I’d like to take this time to say thank you to the makers of Endovan and for helping women like myself with this most joyous time in their lives. Ultimately we know Jesus deserves all our thanks. He is the ultimate healer and comforter and he put these lovely people here to help us. I’m thankful Endovan is natural unlike taking prescription medications that damage your body further. God bless Endovan. God Bless all you ladies.

Melissa K

Pain is almost completely gone

IT’S A MIRACLE!!!!! I have been on Endovan for a month and the pain is almost completely gone I have endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome and I tried everything even surgery to have the endometriosis removed and nothing worked. All my doctor wanted to do is more surgery to remove everything so I figured what have I got to lose by ordering Endovan. It is a great product – I have told other women to try it too. All I can say is thank you so much! I feel like I got my life back :-) :-) :-) instead of pain all the time!!!!!

Tracy W.

Ultrasound shows progress

I know Endovan works.  I couldn’t conceive for 20 years due to a cyst on my ovaries and pcos. I was in a lot of pain. After one month on Endovan my pain left.  I had an ultrasound and now they only see a small cyst – no pcos, the doc says the pcos is gone!  I will take this product long as i live, if i continue to take it i know the small cyst will be gone and i will conceive.


The usual symptoms are all gone!

I found Endovan in 2010 by stumbling upon the website online. Out of desperation for finding a cure to endometriosis by non-surgical means, I started taking Endovan hoping the miracle will happen someday. And it did! I have been on Endovan for six years now, and during the six-year period all my sonograms showed incremental improvement in shrinking the size of my ovarian cysts. The usual symptoms are all gone! However, when I am not on the regular dose or skip a dose or two, the uncomfortable bloating, upset stomach etc. that caused by the cysts will come back. So in my case, it’s probably going to be a long-term battle to completely dissolve the ovarian cysts/endometriosis with Endovan.


Pain-free for 4 years

Praise God for Endovan! My pain gradually got worse over the years after I found out I had endometriosis, to the point that it interfered with daily life. I started using Endovan about 4 years ago, and have been pain free ever since!

Valerie D.

Still early, but bloating is much better already

I have been taking Endovan for a little over two weeks, I definitely noticed it’s helping with the bloating. I’m a petite girl so the horrible bloating I have every day from the endo made me look five months pregnant!! I’m still slightly bloated, but not as severe. I don’t think I have been taking Endovan long enough to say that it’s helping any of my other symptoms. I’m going to purchase two more bottles and see how I’m feeling during my next two cycles. I am PRAYING Endovan helps me because I can’t live with this hell anymore & terrified of surgery.

Melissa M.

Finally got pregnant!

Thanks for developing such a great product. I tried to conceive my second child for the past 4 years. I have endometriomas. Doctor said I needed surgery and my chances to conceive were very very small with endometriomas. I didn’t want to do surgery, and at my age 41, I was given only a 10% chance to get pregnant with IVF (which I tried and it was unsuccessful).

Then I started taking Endovan. Every month my PMS got better and better. After ten months I did an ultrasound and found out that my endo shrank from 6cm to 4cm. And two weeks later I found out that I also got pregnant! That was really surprise for me! Very happy with the product. After baby I will continue to use Endovan! and will recommend to all women!


Pregnant & happy Endovan success

I am happy to say I just found out I’m pregnant again at 35 years old after only 25 days of Endovan!. I started taking Endovan last month and just found out this morning I’m pregnant and the line was very dark positive. I can’t began to tell you how excited I am right now. It’s a miracle! My story is long, so I’ll keep it short, but I had Endometriosis for over 6 years. In and out of ER and was told needed a hysterectomy but denied by insurance because according to them it was “all in my head”. I’m glad they denied me now. I wouldn’t have had my miracle. I’m here to tell you that with God nothing is impossible. You are looking at a miracle ladies. I can’t began to tell you the suffering I’ve been through and the 2 miscarriages. If you are hesitant to try this product I’m here to tell you it works! I don’t work for the company or get paid to say this. I am just a happy and pregnant customer. Thank you Jesus for our miracle and our 6th baby. Anyway, thanks so much for reading this and keep your chins up. If it happened for me it can happen for you. God Bless you and be with you and heal your body.