Zero cysts and now pregnant

I have struggled with ovarian cysts since I was 18. The only way to keep them somewhat under control was a strong form of birth control. If I tried to change b/c or use generic, I had a cyst within a month. I have had Laparoscopic surgery and been in the ER several times with cysts. I was told by my doctor that “I baffle him” as I shouldn’t be having cysts with the type of b/c I am on. Within the last year I asked my doctor about having children (as I am now in my 30’s) and what I can do to alleviate my cysts while trying to conceive. He told me nothing. That is when a friend suggested Endovan. I too was skeptical. I was hoped it wouldn’t be a waste of money. Well I was on it 2 months with zero cysts and recently found out I am pregnant. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this product!!

Megan F.