What do you have to lose?

Like many of the ladies that have endometriosis, I have suffered from painful cramping, heavy bleeding, clotting, and iron deficiency. I started taking Endovan in January 2013. Since this product was guaranteed, I decided to try it. My other option was a hysterectomy (I’m only 27 years old and my husband objected to this notion.) After 3 months of taking Endovan, there were still no signs of improvement. I nearly gave up on this product, but something kept me going. Whether it was intuition, God, or hope – I kept taking it.

It is now August 2013 and my periods have drastically improved. I rarely have cramps, the bleeding and clots are minimal, and I have a lot of energy. I will say that one of the side effects that I have had from taking Endovan is an huge increase in energy. I’m fairly sensitive to caffeine anyways and the Green Tea Extract causes me to appear hyper. Now I am down to taking 2 pills daily and I feel great. If you have doubts about this product, just give it time. Besides this company guarantees a refund… what do you have to lose?