Suffered for years. Now hopeful

I have suffered for years with endometriosis to the point that it was debilitating. Of course I was skeptical about trying Endovan but regardless decided I was so desperate I would try anything. I was taking Endovan for only 9 days when I got my period and there was NO PAIN in the days prior to my period. I usually suffered for at least 4-5 days prior. I did experience about a week’s worth of breast tenderness while taking Endovan but I read that if you are cystic this can happen. I purposely waited until I went through a full month of taking Endovan before I wrote this review. I just got my period again today with NO PAIN prior to my period. For once I am hopeful that my days of suffering may be over. I posted on my FB page recommending Endovan for any endometriosis sufferers. If it helps one person, It will make the post well worth it.