Still evaluating, but it’s been 4 months…

I have been taking Endovan for about 4 months now. I wanted to wait to provide a review until I’ve had a chance to really let it get into my system and make a difference. I am 32 years old, have bilateral ovarian cysts (one chocolate), and continual bleeding throughout my cycle. I have mind-numbing pain in my left lower abdomen, which the doctors attribute to the chocolate cyst. They suspend endo, but I’ve not been officially diagnosed. I’ve gone through 3 rounds of iron IVs due to anemia from the loss of blood. We have no kids yet, and would love to someday. The doctors aren’t sure what’s wrong, yet are very quick to prescribe hormones, BCPs, and other methods of remedy that I’m not prepared for. I was at the end of my rope, and looking for anything as an alternative to surgery/drugs.

I would live on OTC pain-relief and I feared what it would do to my stomach/liver! I wanted something natural that I knew wouldn’t do any harm to my body even if it didn’t work. The first month I noticed a marked increase in energy, and a decrease in pain. When I started taking it, it was about a week before my period, so I knew it wouldn’t have any real impact on that. Still skeptical, I ordered another bottle.

My periods are very heavy the first full day – I’d have to visit the washroom just about every hour or two, and sleeping through the night was out of the question. I can’t tell you how paranoid and anxious I was, especially if we traveled, that I would make a mess. Super embarrassing. I was amazed when I noticed during the 2nd month that my flow was a lot less – instead of overflowing and leaking through several pads at night (the heavy-duty overnight pads, stacked with a couple heavy-duty pads), I only woke up one time with minimal issues. This alone made it worth the price! I ordered again!

Month 3 is in the books; pain is moderate (no longer severe) and I can usually get through my entire cycle without taking any OTC meds…the only time I have to take them is when the pressure in my back feels unbearable. I’ve noticed the bloating is not as bad – I no longer look like I’m 3 months pregnant before my period starts, which is another amazing feat. This period also proved to be less severe – reduced flow at the start, and making it through the night without accidents. Count me in for another bottle!

I am about ½ way through month 4 now and plan on ordering more. While it hasn’t totally taken away all the pain and discomfort, it certainly has made it more manageable. I am very pleased so far with the results and I would recommend this to any woman who is at her wits end with feeling miserable. I truly feel this has improved my quality of life. Even though I still have bad days, I am hopeful that continued use of Endovan will only benefit me in the long run.

Kim B.