Noticeable results in the first month

My life has been dictated by the pain from my period. Every aspect of my life has suffered from my cycle which only consists of about one week of feeling well before the bloating and pain begins again. I suffer from adenomyosis as well as endometrosis. I cant begin to count the opportunities I’ve lost out on due to these conditions, always seeming to fall on holidays and vacations, I failed classes and lost relationships as well. No one, not even doctors seemed to understand the devastation this was causing in my life. On the verge of getting a hysterectomy because of the adeno and endo, I was searching on the internet trying to find answers because I knew the hysterectomy would not solve the entire problem. I came across Endovan and was skeptical but intrigued so I called with some questions. They were kind enough to talk with me at length about Endovan and were extremely knowledgeable to what I was going through. They said to me “you will have a normal life”. Upon hearing those words, tears filled my eyes with the thought that I could possibly have a normal life. I am beginning my second bottle. At the recommended dosage, I noticed after only ten days that my abdominal bloating was half that it had been and while I normally begin cramping about ten days before my period begins, I did not start cramping until day 2 of my period. For me, that shows a miracle beginning, and I am extremely optimistic about the future results and the possibility that my life can be whole. If you have stumbled upon Endovan like I did, with no hope or belief that anything could help you, give Endovan a chance because you will be giving yourself a chance. I’ll continue to update my monthly progress. God Bless and God Bless Endovan!!

Amy T.