My endometriosis story is a miracle from God

My name is Melissa and I am a 35 year old wife and mother of 5 beautiful children who has suffered endometriosis for the past 6 years. I have been in and out of doctors and the emergency room constantly. A gynecologist diagnosed me with Interstitial Cystitis (a chronic bladder wall infection) and put me on a $600 medication with a false diagnosis and made me worse. She had no clue how to treat me. Over the years doctors for some reason still didn’t know how to diagnose this problem until a year ago when I moved to Roseburg, Oregon and got a new gynecologist after 2 miscarriages (one while being homeless).

The first day I met the gynecologist he ordered an ultrasound and saw something not right. He decided to do laprascopic surgery on me 3 days after my birthday. What he found was disturbing, but he didn’t inform me of the results. I went on for a month believing I was healed of the pain in my side that was bothering me for some time. I then felt the pain and problems come back. I went back and asked him and he told me I had severe endometriosis and gave me the report. Of course I knew what this meant because my whole family suffers from it (and the infertility). Of course, I was very sad by my results. He decided to plan a hysterectomy but my insurance denied it and claimed I needed “mental health” because I complained too much. I challenged the case and lost. My doctor claimed, “his hands were then tied”. So, I took matters into my own hands.

I prayed and asked God what to do while my family laid hands on me and prayed with me. I jumped off the couch and was lead to Endovan. I couldn’t afford it at the time so I was lucky they mentioned ingredients in it and I got some of those. I started with Nattokinase, B-6, Vitamin E and the important ones. I felt immediate relief of symptoms and better than I ever felt before (and I had gotten off ALL of my medication from the doctors). So, I decided to try the actual Endovan. I got my Endovan on May 7th, 2015 and unfortunately started my cycle the same time. I ended up having a 12 day horrible period full of blood and clots (but I just figure that maybe it is restoring my insides). I also fell and hurt my knee and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. So, my experience has been challenging but I am not giving up! The Endovan has made my injury heal much faster in my knee as well as my stomach. I am already walking! So far I feel great and have a lot of energy. My husband already notices me losing weight. I am on day 19 now and ready to continue on to a healthier me.

I highly recommend Endovan as my wonderful Lord has shown me. I truly believe it is a miracle from God. When I went to the doctor recently she seemed mad at the fact I wouldn’t be taking her poisoned medicine and even challenged me and looked up Endovan and told me I had to take Ibuprofen which you shouldn’t take with Endovan. She claimed it “probably” wouldn’t hurt me but admitted she didn’t know. I do not wish to continue to give into these doctors. If you suffer from Endometriosis like I do and want relief this is the answer for you! Just say no to your doctors, a hysterectomy and the poison being dished out. You don’t deserve that kind of treatment! God wouldn’t want that. He is the ultimate healer! Move on to a better healthier you.

Thanks to Endovan I cut off pain pills, all prescription medications, and even an addiction of soda. I feel great! As I said before, I highly recommend this product! I will keep everyone posted over the months on my progress. Please keep me posted as well. I love to hear the miracles. God Bless you Girls and keep your chins up! This can and will happen to you. As crazy as it sounds I’d love to be told I was pregnant again. It would be a miracle!

Your Endovan Friend

Melissa K.